A triangular UFO was seen on camera by night over Fremont, California (VIDEO)

The title of the article suggests that the most bizarre incident was discovered by a night-vision IR filer camera in 2008. It is still regarded as proof of aliens todayThe video starts smoothly with what appears like a typical flying plane passing by. However, the strangest sightings appear a few seconds later. The strange UFO-shaped triangle appears just behind the plane, almost following it from a distance.

This video appears to be using a very current stealth flying technique known as covert light, which is also used by the military today. This video is from 2008, although it was developed by the military a few years back.

What’s really bizarre are the five lights visible beneath the UFO. Although many assume they are displaying engines, some believe that the five lights could be indicating that there are more than one UFO. The lights are moving and most people assume it is the latter. Most UFO sightings we’ve seen so far, especially triangular ones, look to have three lights rather than five, so this is unusual to say the least.

What are your thoughts? Could this be the military’s first prototype on a test run, or is it just five UFOs flying by at the same time?


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