Adorable Cat Eating A Cake On His Birthday

It is no secret that humans have a sweet tooth and desserts are a must after every meal. However it isn’t just humans who love sweet food, animals do too. It is a proven fact that cats can’t taste sweetness. This is because they only have around 470 taste buds that aren’t programmed to taste sweetness. Therefore, sadly, they don’t have a sweet tooth like we do.

Even though sugar isn’t toxic for cats, it isn’t very good for them either. Table sugar and modern sweeteners are unnatural when it comes to cats and even kittens don’t digest sugar effectively. Consuming sugar might cause vomiting, diarrhea, and discomfort in cats. Today we bring to you an adorable set of photographs that are sure to melt your heart. These have two things that we all love, a cake and a cat.

I feel too stingy to bite into the cake, so I’m going to lick it instead. The pink frosting on my face makes it look as if I have a blush on my cheeks.

Birthdays play a major role in our lives and we generally do something special to commemorate the day that we came into this world. It isn’t just humans that deserve to celebrate birthdays, even animals should be given the chance to do so. The cat in our story will certainly agree with this. What you are about to witness is what happens when you give a cute little kitty a cake on its birthday. The end result is definitely worth it.

Licking the frosting off my nose. There’s frosting on my whiskers too, but don’t worry cause I’ll lick them clean.

The cat in these images is devouring the cake as if it is the tastiest it has ever come across. This human has tested cats and cakes together and has given us solid proof that they are one of the best combinations ever. Nevertheless, it is important to note that sweets are not safe for cats. So, we hope that this cake was made with cat-safe ingredients.

When you’re done eating cake and waiting for more. No doubt that this cat loved the cake.

Image Credit & More Info; ThisIsAFineHouseboat | (H/T; boredpanda)

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