Cave with unique Jade stones discovered by locals in Mexico, depicting ancient friendly Alien contact

In Veracruz, in a forest, a cave was discovered with some fabulous carvings. In addition to these carvings, the most impressive thing found was the jade stones, which are believed to depict friendly extraterrestrial contact.

These carvings are very detailed and depict some very thin bodies with a large head and eyes as well (that’s how looks a normal Grey Alien), a UFO, and a Mayan leader. As we can see the carvings, the Alien and the Mayan leader are exchanging some objects.

The image quickly went viral with these gray alien figures, the image being published by journalist Javier Lopez Diaz on his Twitter account.

Javier strongly claims that these sculpted figures represent a real and friendly connection between an ancient population and aliens. It is believed that these extraterrestrial beings were the basis for the creation of the Aztec and Mayan populations.

After a thorough analysis of the experts, it emerged that the shapes of the carved jade stones are perfectly authentic. Moreover, in addition to all the above, a series of different paintings were found depicting similar moments in which humans and aliens had friendly contact. The title deciphered by scientists on jade stones, it seems to mean “The stones of the first meeting.”

In addition to these alien figurines and people painted in the same painting, it is great that extraterrestrial space shuttles were also captured.


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