Fishermen capture rare footage of Megalodon shark long thought to be extinct (Video)

Which species rules the underwater world in terms of its size, ferocity, and brutality? Most people would think the first answer is the great white shark or something similar. However, there is a shark species called the Megalodon that measures up to 18 meters long and weighs up to 70 tons. It is considered a super shark with immense power and destruction that lives in the vast ocean depths.


There are many materials discussing this giant creature, from specific details to hypotheses about its appearance and existence until today. In this article, will summarize all the information revolving around this monster under the ocean. You might not believe the following information, but it is entirely recognized as the truth.

Rare footage of the supposedly extinct Megalodon shark captured by fishermen -

Now, let’s scroll down to explore and learn more about the largest predator on Earth!

Things you didn’t know about Megalodon

Megalodon, sea monster, dinosaur, shark

You can hardly imagine a fish species with a length of almost 20 meters and a weight of up to 70 tons. According to ancient Greek, Megalodon means “giant tooth,” which is entirely accurate as its teeth can grow up to 18 cm long.

According to records, this monstrous species became extinct about 23 million years ago. They dominated during the Paleocene Epoch, a time when humans had not yet appeared. This is one of the largest and most aggressive vertebrate animals in the history of Earth. It is likely that it had an impact on the structure and life of the vast and deep ocean.

Rare footage of the supposedly extinct Megalodon shark captured by fishermen -

These are the largest and most fearsome creatures that ever existed in the vast ocean. Based on the fossils that scientists have found, they believe that this species of shark could grow up to 18 meters long and weigh over 70 tons.

Based on its fossils, specifically the traces of its teeth that show they were widely distributed all over the world, mainly in warm and temperate shallow waters. It is considered to be the ancestor of modern-day whales and dolphins.

The largest fossil tooth sample of this sea monster found was up to 18 cm long. Just the size of its teeth alone shows its immense power. It is hard to believe that its bite force is 7-8 times stronger than that of a large great white shark. It is truly terrifying.

Its teeth are triangular in shape, straight in structure, and massive in size, with saw-like edges. Not only is it long, but it is also recognized as having the largest teeth of all shark species. Just by looking at the images, one can imagine its sheer size.

Formidable Predator

Thanks to its sharp, long jaws and immense size, it is hard to believe that it swallowed several tons of fish every day. With its huge size, it probably had to swallow almost a dozen people at once. Due to its fearsome strength, it became the most ruthless killer in the vast ocean.

Rare footage of the supposedly extinct Megalodon shark captured by fishermen -

This most formidable predator on Earth has been studied and researched by many scientists. Through research, they found that even though these teeth are just fossils, they are still very sharp. According to estimates, its prey must have been the size of a whale. And its bite force was stronger than that of the meat-eating T-Rex dinosaur.

People say it can crush a prey or something about 8 tons, while tyrannosaurs or crocodiles are only around 2 tons. Not only is it a huge creature, but also the most dangerous animal on Earth.

One interesting thing about its biting force is that it not only has a devastating destructive power but also is very precise. According to researchers, they often bite off the tail of their prey before killing them. This suggests that Megalodon hunts directly, meaning it charges straight into its prey at breakneck speeds or swims behind the tail of its prey before slowly attacking towards its tail.

Its jaw structure is both large and strong, with a very solid frame that causes gruesome damage to victims. It can crush a large car with just one bite.

Furthermore, despite weighing 70 tons, its swimming speed is so terrifying that even smaller species cannot be compared. A conclusion was drawn through surveys and fossil research on the tail of Megalodon. Scientists have revealed that this fish swims extremely fast, at a speed of 70 km/h. This means that it can even swim faster than the speed of the giant RMS Titanic (42 km/h).

In addition, the most unexpected possibility is that it can leap out of the water to hunt other species. It could be birds, lizards or some unfortunate creature. Once the prey under the sea runs out, the only way left is to go ashore to find food. Usually, it will bite the tail or the easiest part of its prey, wait for it to die, then quickly capture it in its stomach.

Widespread distribution worldwide

Where there is a large ocean, the great blue predator exists and thrives. Evidence of their existence can be seen in fossils discovered by scientists around the world. They can be found in large oceans such as the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and other regions.

Rare footage of the supposedly extinct Megalodon shark captured by fishermen -

Intelligent hunting strategies

From ancient times until now, humans have always admired the intelligence of sharks in the ocean. Among them, the Megalodon is a highly intelligent marine monster, according to researchers.

It’s not as simple as some may think, that being big makes it easy to eat the prey they like. If not careful, they may end up not finding any prey to eat or even accidentally putting themselves in danger.

This species has a clear hunting strategy. When they discover large prey such as blue whales, they attack from behind. They stalk their prey from behind and wait for the right moment to bite off their tails. Their bite force is so strong that it can easily cause their prey’s fins to break, making it impossible for them to swim.

Clearly, they are formidable predators because of their intelligence and cunning. The best way to ambush their prey is from behind so that they cannot defend themselves. When the prey is unable to swim anymore, that’s when they attack. Moreover, they must adapt their hunting strategy to the type of prey to successfully catch their food.

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