Giant crocodile swallows shark more than 3 meters long

Bull shark is still alive in the teeth of the swamp killer – Photo: Andrew Paice

A giant saltwater crocodile over 80 years old and missing a leg, known as Brutus, amazed wildlife enthusiasts on an Australian wilderness excursion as it devoured a more than 3-meter-long bull shark.

Brutus, measuring 5.5 meters in length, astounded onlookers in the Adelaide River area of Australia. Tourists had previously witnessed Brutus leaping out of the water to snatch a piece of buffalo meat from their guide. On their way back, they witnessed Brutus hunting down a bull shark.

Before that, visitors had the opportunity to witness Brutus jumping out of the water to grab a piece of buffalo meat from the guide – Photo: NT News

Andrew Paice, one of the tourists, recounted the experience, saying, “The live bull shark, over 3 meters long, was firmly trapped between Brutus’s sharp-toothed jaws. After a few moments, Brutus released its prey and began shaking it vigorously.”

The fierce battle took place on the Kakadu Adelaide River – Photo: Andrew Paice

Morgan Bowman, the guide, said, “This was the first time we’ve seen a crocodile hunt down a shark in this area. Although bull sharks are known to be quite agile and aggressive in the water, making them relatively safe to swim with, there are many over 3 meters in length.”

According to zoologists, while Brutus primarily feeds on buffalo meat, it may also add some species of fish to its diet. Despite missing a leg, this crocodile remains a formidable predator.

Brutus drags his prey to the shore – Photo: Andrew Paice
The bull shark fits neatly into the two sharp, naked jaws of an old crocodile – Photo: Andrew Paice

Despite its fearsome reputation, Brutus has become something of a local celebrity, with many people in the area respecting and even admiring the giant reptile. Some even refer to it as the “king of the Adelaide River.”

However, authorities have warned that it is important to maintain a safe distance from these creatures, as they are dangerous and unpredictable. Swimming or boating too close to a saltwater crocodile can lead to serious injury or even death.

As for Brutus, it seems that the missing leg hasn’t slowed it down too much. The crocodile continues to thrive in its environment, proving that it is truly a remarkable and resilient animal. As long as humans continue to respect its power and keep a safe distance, Brutus will likely continue to reign over the Adelaide River for many years to come.

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