Impressive video captures the moment when clouds fall on the road in the US, causing people to flee (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered if life is not what it seems? Throughout your existence have you suffered an identity crisis? Have you had the strange feeling of not belonging to this planet? Well if so, then you’re not crazy. There are many people who believe that they are not a real person, but an extremely sophisticated computer simulation created by a civilization vastly more developed than the one we consider ours.

You may have missed that last point, but stop for a moment and think about this: If you, me, and every person and thing in the cosmos were actually characters in some kind of giant computer “game,” I wouldn’t necessarily be. we would know Admittedly, the idea that the universe is a simulation sounds more like the plot of the Matrix trilogy of sci-fi movies, written and directed by the Wachowski sisters. However, the “Matrix” is much more than a movie script or a conspiracy theory, it is also a scientific hypothesis.

Swedish Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom first suggested in 2003 the theory that our reality is a simulation, arguing that an advanced civilization with great technological power could be running simulations of its ancestors. And based on these hypotheses, in our reality there would be errors of this supposed simulation, such as Déjà vu, Doppelgängers, or objects that are out of place. Or like a video that has recently been uploaded to social networks that shows the surprising moment in which a cloud fell from the sky and began to float down a street.

The strange phenomenon in the skies of the United States

The disconcerting video shows a strange cloud-like object passing near a vehicle on a street in the United States. Another angle shows the moment when it inexplicably appears to rise back into the sky. According to the witness, he saw it fall from the sky, as if it were a cloud that had broken away, so he decided to record it with his smartphone. He later shared it with The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 YouTube channel, which uploaded it on June 22, 2018 with the following description:

“This is a strange video as it is claimed to be a cloud coming down to the ground and then rising back up to join the other clouds,” the video description reads. “Some have suggested it may be cotton candy or foam from a car wash. Other people are convinced that this is a cloud. At this time it is not clear as to the location of the video, but it is in the United States.”

Controversy on social networks

But while some netizens have been amazed by the images, others have offered logical and rational explanations to explain the strange phenomenon. Skeptics have suggested that it may be soap bubbles, usually from a nearby factory. It could be that cleaning teams from a factory were working that day, and due to the strong wind the bubbles began to float, making a phenomenon similar to clouds.

However, there are those who have a completely different explanation from the one offered by the most skeptical. On the one hand, there are those who believe that it could be an extraterrestrial probe, monitoring human activity on Earth. And on the other hand there are those who claim that it is new evidence of an error in the “Matrix”. As we have commented before, there are many who are convinced that we live in a simulation created by a computer, from scientists, the founder of PayPal Elon Musk, to analysts at Bank of America.

Apart from this video, there are countless pieces of evidence that would prove this controversial theory, such as images showing identical people sitting on the same train or strange coincidences that go beyond causality.

But it must also be said that this is not the first time that a cloud has fallen from the sky. In 2016, several people witnessed a strange phenomenon that occurred in the Doukkala region of Morocco. As we already published at the time, a man who was walking quietly found a kind of foam near a road, similar to a cloud. Although what was most striking is that the man, when trying to catch some of the “foam”, clung to his arm as if it were a spider web.

As has happened with the mysterious phenomenon in the United States, in the case of Morocco it was suggested that it could be sea foam or the result of untreated sewage. Although for the conspiracy theorists they were formations of Morgellons caused by the Chemtrails.

Unfortunately, in this case the witnesses did not approach or touch it, so we do not have any information about its touch or its apparent composition. And since there doesn’t seem to be anyone else nearby, there are no other videos showing their final destination either. In the meantime, we can only ask ourselves the following:

Could it be an error in the “Matrix”? Could it be Morgellons formations? Or is it soap bubbles from a nearby factory?

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