Incredible footage shows an unidentified flying object (UFO) approaching a commercial airplane in Brazil (Video)

On December 2, 2022, a UFO was spotted approaching an Airbus A380 as it descended towards the runway at the Sao Paulo International Airport in Brazil. The unidentified flying object, which does not appear to be a drone, was captured on video by the airport’s cameras.

Mysterious shaking caught on video as UFO approaches plane at airport

UFO approached the massive passenger aircraft as it was preparing to land, causing the video camera to shake. It is unclear what the UFO was attempting to do or whether it posed any threat to the safety of the A380 and its passengers.

This incident has caused a stir among UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike, with many speculating about the nature and intentions of the mysterious object. Some have even suggested that the shaking of the camera may have been caused by the UFO itself, potentially demonstrating advanced technology beyond our current understanding.

It is worth noting that UFO sightings around airports are not uncommon, and many can be explained by natural or man-made phenomena. However, this particular incident has caught the attention of many due to the proximity of the UFO to a commercial airliner and the strange behavior of the video camera.

At this time, it is unknown what the UFO was or where it came from. It is also unclear whether authorities will launch an investigation into the incident. Regardless, this close encounter has certainly added to the ongoing debate about the existence of extraterrestrial life and their potential interactions with humanity.

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