Mysterious Item Transported on Semi Truck: Why would a flying disc be transported by land? (Video)

A video was recently uploaded to YouTube by a channel called ‘Disclose Screen’ and is now one of the hottest debates among conspiracy researchers, ufologists and alien believers. The video, which claims to be shot in August (just a month ago from this writing) shows a saucer-like (UFO Shaped) object can be seen placed on a semi truck. Oddly enough, the UFO-like object on the semi truck bed appears to have slid down the truck’s body. During these brief moments the video was shot from a car that was passing through this road. This begs the question… Are UFO’s real and more common than we thought?

“Looks just like the one from independence day but if it was there would be military vehicles all around it. Still give a thumbs up,” wrote 2 Treez, a YouTube user.

“This Could be a reversed engineered craft from the military. They have an infinite amount of designs. OR, It could be a recovered craft. OR,,, none of the above,” shared MeT L Head, another YouTuber.

Some other people suggested that the alleged flying object spotted in the roadside could be most probably a prop for Hollywood movies. But why would it then be at the very entrance of a marine base? Wouldn’t it be in Hollywood?

The Big Question is… Why would a flying disc be transported by land?

The possible answer to that question is that the flying disc, the UFO is broken down and this marine military base does not have the tools or capacity to fix it and get it running again. Hence the reason for a transport, to another military base or two area 51. To get the flying saucer fixed, so that it can be back in the skies again. Whatever the value of a UFO is, we know they wouldn’t be cheap. All that anti-gravity technology, propulsion systems, maybe even element 115. They’d want to get this back up and running sooner than later.

UFO hunter Scott C Waring analyzed the video and shared his thoughts, Waring assured that this flying object could be most probably a vessel made with alien technology, and the authorities might be transporting it to Area 51.  Waring added that military vehicles were not used to transport the alien vessel, as it could gain public attention. He also assured alien involvement in the development of flying vessels like these.

Waring on his website UFO Sightings Daily writes: “If it is a new disk, given to the US military from aliens in trade for items…then who is going to know how to pilot it? No one, thus moving it to a secure location for pilot testing is important. This is 100% alien or it would not need to be transported anywhere. Maybe traded for, maybe a UFO crash in the area, whatever the case, we know this is headed to a military base, probably Area 51,”


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