Mystery deepens as ‘triangular UFO’ is spotted again in the sky over Shropshire airport (Video)

The mystery of the Wrekin UFO deepens, with sightings now reported in the north of the county.

The ‘Flying Dorrito’, the triangle-shaped object, has now been seen around Sleap Airfield, near Wem, after being

Rachel Davies, from Grinshill, snapped the latest photo just after 6pm one evening while she was taking her horse Barney back to the stables.

She said: “We had stopped out near Sleap airfield for a few minutes rest in a field.

“A small propeller aircraft that was white or grey in colour came really low over the field and scared my horse, then climbed to about 1,000ft heading south towards Shrewsbury.

“But all of a sudden a black triangle shaped aircraft or drone looking thing shot up the side of it and then stayed in front of the little aeroplane. They both came around towards us in a circle so I took this photo with my iPhone 5.

“You can see the weird triangle shaped aircraft in front of the propeller aeroplane clearly. You could hear the aeroplane but there was a humming sound that was high pitched so I assume this was the black triangle.

“I’m aware of reports of a UFO over The Wrekin and this looks like the same thing.”

Following the latest sighting of the mystery object, staff at Sleap Airfield have promised to stay on alert for peculiar shapes in the sky.

He said: “The aircraft in the top left of the picture is conventional and is of a typical shape for many of the aircraft that use Sleap. The other aircraft is interesting.

“I was on duty at Sleap until about 6.30pm on Thursday when the picture was taken.

“To my knowledge, the last aircraft to land was definitely a conventional design, much like the aircraft top left in your picture.

“I might be tempted to say that the triangular shape is a model Vulcan or similar.

“I happen to know that the model aircraft flying section were not active at Sleap on Thursday however.

“The logical explanation I have is that it may be – although it would need to be from a particular angle – a Rutan Varieze aircraft, there are a couple based at Sleap.

“I know that one was flying at about the given time and I have spoken to the pilot who concurs. Or perhaps it is a genuine UFO – we will remain diligent.”

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