On camera, an unusual animal behavior that could be dangerous to thousands of people

The defense strategies of animals are some of the most fascinating and unique behaviors in the animal kingdom. From shooting fish to sleeping sperm whales, animals have developed a variety of strategies to protect themselves from predators and other threats. Here, we explore some of the most interesting and well-planned defense strategies of animals.

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Some species of fish have adapted very eccentric methods of hunting. The archerfish boasts an unusual talent as it hunts by spitting powerful streams of water out of its gun-like mouth at an unsuspecting above-water insect. The fish hovers underwater waiting for prey to come into view and then it contracts its gill covers and artificially forces water into its mouth. The intense stream of shooting water stuns and dislodges the prey down and the archerfish waits eagerly to scoop it up. Due to this unique hunting technique, this fish is often dubbed the “spitting sharpshooter”.

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When it comes to fishing, dolphins prove themselves more intelligent than humans. They don’t even need a net. This is how they do it: a mud ring trap. This technique involves one dolphin from the pack kicking its tail near the sea floor to build up a mud ring. The prey gets trapped in the blinding ring and tries to escape the circle, but as it breaks through the water, the fellow dolphins pounce on it. It might have taken them hundreds of thousands of years to adopt this hunting method, as according to marine biologists, the impact of climate change on the world’s oceans may be detrimental to their hunting methods.

Blood Shooting Lizard

Self-defense is Nature’s eldest law. This short-horned lizard is found in deserts and semi-arid environments and has adapted a very unique self-defense strategy in order to ward off hungry predators. It is capable of inflating its body up to twice its size and if this proves insufficient, some species employ one of the most bizarre defensive mechanisms: it shoots blood from its eyes. The ominous squirting blood emanates from ducts in the corners of its eyes and can travel the distance up to three feet. It’s meant to confuse would-be predators but also contains a chemical that is noxious to dogs, wolves, and coyotes.

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