Security cameras record images of monstrous creatures with the appearance of aliens crawling across the street in Costa Rica (Video)

Over the thousands of years, humanity has grown into the sprawling global civilization it is today, in which stories of fantastic and mythological creatures abound. Every civilization has its own version, from the bogeyman to dragons, and we still enjoy these mythological creatures in games and movies like Game of Thrones. So the question we ask ourselves is: where did these creatures come from and why do they exist in different regions of the world, where people never met? Like most stories that involve things too unbelievable to be true, each mythological creature or cryptid has its roots in something real.

Whether it’s a tale of a discovery in Australia or Central Africa, there’s a good chance someone will discover something truly incredible and inexplicable, mostly related to sightings of mythological beasts. Because logic tells us that these types of creatures cannot exist, when we see evidence of their existence then we tend to think that there must be a logical and rational explanation. But after watching the latest video from Costa Rica maybe you change your mind about the existence of mythological beasts.

mysterious creature

As we’ve discussed before, every country seems to have at least one monster, and Costa Rica is no exception, especially with its dense jungles filled with all sorts of unusual creatures. However, a security camera recording posted on Reddit shows a strange creature, unlike anything known in their forests, many locals believe it to be La Mona, a cryptid creature scary enough for the group. ethnic Chorotega.

“A home security camera caught this in my country (Costa Rica),” reads the description of the 15-second video uploaded to Reddit by user fit_then_fat.

The video shows some sort of human-sized creature walking much like a crab as it approaches the camera and dogs barking around it. Because we don’t have any after-images of the bizarre encounter, the video is left open to speculation, ranging from a person under the influence of some kind of illegal substance to a CGI-created hoax.

“Some guys also filmed it from another angle and put it here even on today’s news and the videos are from 2 different sources,” explains fit_then_fat. “In the second video, the boys refer to her as ‘she’ and as ‘La Mona’, which is part of a legend in Costa Rica.”

In another video posted on TikTok by the user “javierchavarria22” it shows what appears to be the same moment of the ‘creature surrounded by barking dogs’ with a reference to La Mona and her terrifying abilities. La Mona, also known as Mona Bruja, is considered by Costa Ricans to be a witch who can change her skin, grow hair on her hands and feet, and turn into an ape-like monster that moves quickly through the trees. while emitting haunting laughter and horrific screams that terrified the victims to the point of being dazed for the rest of their lives.

Anyone who gets too close to La Mona will suffer dire consequences. As always, there are methods to protect yourself from La Mona and her powers. The only way to get rid of these entities is when the victim overcomes his fear and says a few prayers, sticking a cross-shaped dagger into the ground, throwing a handful of corn, mustard seeds or salt, and finally throwing a hat upside down. . They say that this will force La Mona to collect the beans, not stopping until she reverses her spells and promises to never haunt anyone again.

If you know anything about the Costa Rican jungles, you know that they are full of screaming animals, so it seems strange that the witnesses were not able to identify it. Does the video actually show La Mona? Is she some other unknown jungle monster? While she appears to be moving fast enough to be a human, she certainly could be an injured large ape. Since most native Costa Rican monkeys are small, this could be an escaped pet. Whatever it is, it has managed to attract the attention of the main media and Internet users. Now, we only have to know your opinion.

Is it evidence of cryptid waists? Is she really La Mona, a shape-shifting witch who can transform into a monkey-like monster? Or do you have another logical and rational explanation?

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