Strange with the pyramids glowing strange lights shining straight in the sky as if calling for something

In case you haven’t heard it before, there’s an emerging hypothesis. That a giant cloud is actually out there in our world and that it’s extremely near to our earth. Multiple experts found it on their telescopes, but the news didn’t receive too much coverage.

That’s before NASA commented on it. That’s correct, NASA has publicly announced that this Nearby Interstellar Cloud. Which scientists have claimed for the longest time, is true and that it’s coming straight for us for no discernible cause.

The assertion was first created back in December 2009 and, as far as we realize, our world is basically going to go right into it.

What experts have not been able to find out, though, is why they abruptly turned their focus to us. Many claim this is because the pyramids around our world have started to shimmer with fire, triggering a lot of earthquakes, solar storms, and even celestial activity around them.


What is perhaps more strange regarding this occurrence is that the cloud itself cannot be described. His “fluff” aka the outer side of the cloud was meant to have scattered by now. But he hasn’t been oddly magnetized to the center all the time.

This is a 30 light-year construction we’re talking about here, one that’s super-heated up to 6,000 degrees Celsius.

Experts also claimed that it would not affect us. But we can never be too sure about the impact that it will have on the pyramids across the globe.

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