The 1.1m long sea monster scorpion appears intact after 303 million years

In an ancient rock in the Carboniferous river delta was found a giant sea scorpion, belonging to the first large sea scorpion recorded in the world.

According to Sci-News, the strange sea scorpion, named Hibbertopterus lamsdelli, existed during the late Pennsylvanian Kasimovian period of the Carboniferous period.

Hóa thạch 252 triệu năm hé lộ bọ cạp biển khổng lồ

It appears surprisingly intact as a “sealed monster” in the ancient stone of the Kinney Quarry, Bernalillo County, New Mexico state – USA. The bed where it was confined for about 303-307 million years is a bed of mostly ocher in color, multi-layered, containing limestone forms and is the type of rock that holds fossils.

Quái vật bọ cạp biển khổng lồ thống trị đại dương thời tiền sử

A giant sea scorpion unearthed in a quarry in New Mexico – (Photo: Historical Biology).

The creature, which was analyzed by a team led by Dr Simon Braddy from the University of Bristol in the UK, showed it to be a member of the family Hibbertopteridae, an extinct group in the Order Eurypterida.

Order Eurypterida is an order of giant sea scorpions with about 250 species belonging to many different families. The newly excavated one may belong to the fourth largest species with a length of about 1.1m. The largest species of this order has a body length of up to 2.5m.

Hóa thạch bọ cạp khổng lồ ở Trung Quốc

Teams of scientists have reconstructed an image of a sea scorpion that is much different from what we call “scorpions” today, with a multi-chambered body, a head bearing a shell like a great shield and many legs sprouting from the head region, fringed with thorns.

Khám phá mới về bò cạp biển

IFact - 1. Bọ cạp biển Jaekelopterus Bọ cạp biển khổng lồ Jaekelopterus là  một trong hai loài động vật chân đốt lớn nhất từng được phát hiện. Các hóa  thạch chỉ

The shape is reconstructed through the image of the creature – (Photo: Historical Biology).

They lived in ancient rivers and seas. Despite their enormous size, paleontologists believe that they did not hunt large prey, but lay on the bottom and ate small crustaceans and worms.

Life on the bottom of the water is shown by the fact that the eyes are located on the top of the shell at the top.

 Hình dáng được phục dựng qua ảnh của sinh vật

The strange creature is still being analyzed. Preliminary insights into it have just been published in the scientific journal Historical Biology.

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