The dog cried when he knew he was about to end his life

A dog had to shed tears when he learned his life was coming to an end. Fortunately, the hero arrived in time to save it from death.

In the past, about 10,000 dogs have had ɡɪᴇ̂́т in Asia, although in recent years that number has dropped to 1,000. However, in the West, where dogs are considered man’s best friend, the sight of dogs locked in cages waiting until the last moment and then on a plate of food is unforgivable. .

The puppy cried for all it had to endure, but also partly happy to know it was saved.

He was kept in a filthy cage with 50 other dogs of the same kind. They all have a common destiny: the first and then a quarter of their meat to be eaten by humans.


This incident happened after a complaint filed by volunteers from Humane Society International, who went to the slaughterhouse located in Yongin City, South Korea, to intervene.

The mission to get Robin out of this unwanted place was done in collaboration with other local animal rights groups. Despite many restrictions from the law, many traders still commit this evil to make a profit.

Through the interesting video, you can witness the rescue of the old dog. In addition to sitting behind bars, he only drank a few drops of water or a pinch of food.

The dog really broke the hearts of many people because of the evil he had to endure.


When taking the dog away, the rescuers were moved to see his teary eyes, resigned to his fate. Or perhaps he shed tears of joy at being saved by these animal-loving humans.


“When we took it out, Robin cried. I don’t know if he’s or happy, but his eyes are wet,” said a member of Humane Society International.

What is most certain is that without the immediate action of զᴜʏᴇ̂̀п animals, they could have been sacrificed.

They showed us the story through a post uploaded to their social media, which was accompanied by lots of positive comments.


“Robin’s tears moved us all.” Volunteer said.

Like it, 50 other dogs were rescued, all of which were found in very condition. Unfortunately, the previous dogs were not so lucky.

After the rescue, they were transferred to a veterinary hospital. There, they will begin a treatment to restore their dog’s physical and mental integrity, waiting for a home that will treat them with the love and respect they deserve. receive.

“Ultimately, we will look for an ideal home for each dog that will make them happy.”

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