The tourists fled in panic when they discovered a swarm of hairy alien monsters trying to hide in the cave (VIDEO)

A group of young tourists catches on video strange humanoid creatures while they were exploring a small chain of islands belonging to Thailand. The discovery was absolutely terrifying

They’ve heard a scream from one of the islands and when they got there they found these disturbing creatures near a cave. The creatures looked like some deformed monkeys and walked around on two legs, just like humans. According to local testimonies, the animals got out of the cave to feed. Moreover, local legends claim that the islands were cursed by a “water spirit”. The legends are related to sailors and tribes of cannibals that live around the islands.

However, it’s quite strange how calm these strange humanoid creatures were around the people. Some sources suggest that these are humans in costume, which is also quite possible

There are some small caves under the sea which could explain how these creatures have never been encountered before. The strange humanoid creatures are known by the locals as “CHAY NA” which can be translated as “waterman”

As a matter of fact, the island, in particular, is listed as a private property, which means that no government can enter the area. A creepy discovery indeed. What do you think of all this story? Have a look at the following video and tell us what do you think.


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