Thinking the dragon crawled into the house, the girl was ‘panic’ until she knew the ‘truth’ (Video)

Thinking the dragon crawled into the house, the girl panicked until she knew the truth.Recently, a Vietnamese girl was surprised when she discovered a strange animal appeared in her house, it was not until netizens Tran An that this person really breathed a sigh of relief.

According to the girl, while going into the house, this person accidentally saw an animal with a rather strange appearance.At first glance, many people thought it was a dragon when it had 4 legs and a long body like a snake.Of course, this animal can’t fly, so the girl easily recorded the clip and posted it on social media to ask people to answer questions about what it was and whether it was harmful or not?

Many people, after seeing the clip, were surprised when it was the first time in their lives that they saw an animal with such a strange shape.Besides, they also did not forget to remind the girl to be careful because this animal may contain poison.However, it wasn’t long before some realized that this was a snake and it was completely harmless to humans when it was not venomous.It is known that the olive snake or liu diu belongs to the Asian grass lizard, which is a species with a tail length that is usually 3 times the length of the body in this species.

This snake lives mainly in forests and grassy areas and is found in large numbers in the Eastern and Southern parts of Asia such as India, China, Thailand, Vietnam and some other countries. Many snakes are mostly active during the day and like to lie down and enjoy the Morning Sun, especially in the early morning when the Sun Just Rises.Snakes are very shy, so when they sense danger, they often seek to hide immediately under trees, leaves or Spots of hay.Usually this snake eats insects such as cockroaches, crickets, worms, and worms

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