Top 10 UFO scenes recorded by cameras are extremely attractive and feverish on the Internet

1 At a farm, a man is sucked into the sky by ufo into another dimension

2 New York, USA: Video from 2010 captures images of 2 UFOs flying together through the sky. Their appearance was controversial and especially within a few seconds, they disappeared completely

3. Osaka, Japan: On September 11, 2019, a diamond shaped UFO was filmed in the air over Osaka, Japan. The video is only playable since brief moments, but the subject’s colors are clear and among the most notable Japanese UFO reports.

4. Paris, France: A clip of UFOs flying over Paris was filmed in 2013, when they appeared for a long time and even slowed down if you look closely.

5.UFO appeared in the sea forming a tornado recorded by the fisherman







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