Touching dying dog attends owner’s wedding for the last time

A dog named Charlie has been on Kelly O’Connell’s side for the last 15 years, helping her in all aspects of life. Naturally, this dying puppy was not going to miss Kelly’s wedding, one of life’s finest events.

Nobody anticipated Charlie would survive long enough to attend Kelly’s wedding in Colorado, United States, before it happened. The elderly canine was found to have a brain tumor, which left his body vulnerable.

Kelly, who was 19 years old and a resident of New York, took in Charlie when he was just a puppy. In the dead of winter, Charlie was discovered in a shopping cart.

Although she wasn’t specifically seeking to adopt a dog, she knew she had to bring Charlie into her family the moment she laid eyes on him at the shelter. Kelly remarked, “It was kind of like, yes, it’s mine.

When the big day finally arrived, Charlie didn’t have long to live and was too exhausted to move. But Kelly’s sister, a bridesmaid, volunteered to carry him down the aisle rather than leaving him behind.

Since the photographer was aware of how crucial it was for Kelly to have her old buddy at her side, she was able to capture the lovely event.

The wedding photographer, Jen Dziuvenis, posted on Facebook:

“The world does not have enough mascara for these occasions. The best are the dogs.

There was no doubt that Charlie being there meant the world to his human mother.

“It was just dog lovers giving a sick family member the same care you would.” Charlie, you’re here, she kept saying after the ceremony. You succeeded.

Keely said she was so happy that Charlie had managed to live, to witness the most important day of her life. This is how Charlie shows his affection for her 15 years. “I was in tears because of it, Charlie is so loving, so wonderful and dogs are man’s best friend.” Kelly emotional said.

However, due to weakness, Charlie could not walk on his own, the bridesmaid who is also Kelly’s sister carried Charlie in her arms to attend the wedding in the emotion of everyone and the tears of the beautiful bride Kelly.

A week later, Charlie passed away peacefully in mourning for Kelly, family and friends.

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