Unraveling the Mysteries of Kali Tanggi Bridge: Giant Snakes and Terrifying Figures Beneath the Bridge (Video)

The Mystery of Kali Tanggi Bridge: From Being Entangled by a Giant Snake to a Terrifying Figure Under the Bridge.

Indonesia is known for its rich culture, beautiful sceneries, and exotic cuisine. However, the country is also home to various myths and legends that have been passed down from generation to generation. One of these legends is the mystery of Kali Tanggi Bridge, which has captured the imagination of many people in West Sumatra.

The Kali Tanggi Bridge is a bridge located in Padang, West Sumatra, which connects two villages, Sungai Tarab, and Lubuk Begalung. The bridge is not only a means of transportation but also a place of mystery and intrigue. The bridge has been a witness to various supernatural occurrences, from being entangled by a giant snake to a terrifying figure appearing under the bridge.

The legend of the giant snake goes back to the early days of the bridge’s construction. The workers who were building the bridge noticed that there was a giant snake living in the river. The workers believed that the snake was a guardian of the river and the bridge.

The workers tried to catch the snake, but it proved to be too powerful for them. The snake then entangled itself around one of the bridge’s pillars, causing delays in the construction. The workers realized that they needed to appease the snake, so they offered it food and prayers. The snake eventually loosened its grip on the bridge, and the workers were able to complete the construction.

Another mystery surrounding the Kali Tanggi Bridge is the appearance of a terrifying figure under the bridge. The figure is said to appear at night, wearing white clothes, and has a terrifying face. Locals believe that the figure is a ghost or a demon and that it brings bad luck to anyone who sees it. The appearance of the figure has caused many people to avoid using the bridge at night.

Despite the many myths and legends surrounding the Kali Tanggi Bridge, it remains an important part of the community. The bridge connects two villages and provides a means of transportation for the locals. The mystery surrounding the bridge has also become a tourist attraction, with many people visiting the bridge to experience the supernatural occurrences for themselves.

In conclusion, the Kali Tanggi Bridge is not just a means of transportation but also a place of mystery and intrigue. From the entanglement of a giant snake to the appearance of a terrifying figure, the bridge has captured the imagination of many people in West Sumatra. The bridge remains an important part of the community and a tourist attraction for those seeking a glimpse of the supernatural.

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